I should be on my layover in Toronto now and gearing up mentally for the long trip to Beijing (Toronto-Beijing direct, who knew?). You could probably guess that since I’m writing this, my flight this morning was cancelled due to a snowstorm over Boston. Bummer. Nearly all of Air Canada’s phone service was tied up as […]

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Juno, 冻死我了!

If you’ve been following the news a ‘Dangerous and Life Threatening Storm’ Juno (The Weather Channel) has been in the process of ‘clobbering’ New England (also, the Weather Channel), and has singled out Mass. for particular rough treatment. To see a rather funny video of the weatherman struggling to report through hurricane force gusts of […]

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Sleet and Progress

Hi guys. Sorry for the lag in posts, 最近事比较多! Right now it is 4:21 pm in Boston and I can infer that the sun is out because its still light outside, but it is grey all over and snowing hard. I’m inside the Harvard square Starbucks (all the other coffee shops were full, okay) watching […]

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I am now the proud owner of a 10 year Tourist visa for China! Yee! When I first saw the ‘must enter before’ visa year as Jan 2025 I assumed I must have been the recipient of an awesome typo at the consulate. This is not the case. Like a lot of things, the China/ […]

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Princeton in Asia

This is just a baby post on what I’ve been up to in the last couple of days and why I’ve been off the study grind. I don’t want to jinx anything by talking about it too much, but I’m down in Princeton for an interview with Princeton in Asia, which would connect me with […]

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